Vertu repairing

Vertu Ascent, Ascent Ti, Constellation, Signature S, Signature M repair

  For many years of existence Vertu phone became the world recognized standard of beauty, luxury, style and exclusively high quality. As Vertu phones are jewellery, they require a high level of service. Therefore a Service Center MobileMonsters is glad to offer you professional and quality Vertu Ascent, Ascent Ti, Constellation, Signature S, Signature M repair.

  The production of Vertu Company is unique; therefore it is possible to aggravate the condition of phone during the repair significantly without any knowledge about it. Our specialists guarantee an individual and painstaking approach to repair and invariable quality of performance of their work due to 12-year-old experience in this field and high qualification.

  Our Service Center repairs Vertu phone of any level of complexity:

  • - Display replacement
  • - Screen replacement
  • - Leather replacement
  • - Replacement of flex
  • - Replacement of corps or separate elements
  • - Replacement of microphone
  • - Replacement of charging socket
  • - Replacement of dynamics
  • - Diagnostic and renewal after the hit of moisture and falling

  All undertake for Vertu repair, but not all are able to do it. Our Service Center works for you and your mobile phone. We take into account all customers wishes.

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