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Vertu repairing

Vertu Ascent, Ascent Ti, Constellation, Signature S, Signature M repair

  For many years of its existence, the Vertu phone has become an internationally recognized standard of beauty, luxury, style and exceptionally high quality. Since Vertu phones are jewelery, they require a high level of service. Therefore, the MobileMonsters service center is glad to offer you high-quality and professional repair of Vertu Ascent, Ascent Ti, Constellation, Signature S, Signature M.

  Vertu products are unique and without knowledge of all the features of the internal structure can significantly aggravate the condition of the phone when it is repaired. Thanks to 9 years of experience in this field and high qualification, our specialists guarantee an individual and thorough approach to repair and constant quality of their work.


  Our service center repairs Vertu of any complexity:

  • - Display replacement
  • - Screen replacement
  • - Leather replacement
  • - Flex replacement
  • - Replacement of the housing completely or of individual components
  • - Microphone replacement
  • - Charging connector replacement
  • - Speaker and buzzer replacement
  • - Diagnostics and recovery after exposure to moisture, claen of dust

  Everyone is taking for the repair Vertu phones, but not everybody knows how to fix them. Our service center works for you and your Vertu phones. We respect all the wishes of our clients.

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