Flex change

Flex change

  Today it is very difficult to image a day without a mobile phone. It became an irreplaceable device everybody’s life. But, unfortunately, nothing is eternal. The frequent or careless use of telephone can lead to phone’s disability. Distortion of image, a volume isn’t regulated, a speaker doesn’t work – reason of these and many other breakages is defective flex. Therefore one of widespread types of repair is flex change.


  Flex – it is a flexible pin group that is intended for connection of different mobile phones’ components. There are a few types of flex, such as: display’s management flex, interboard flex, keyboard flex, headset’s management flex and microphone flex.

  Some years ago due to flex appeared the favorite phones – “sliders”. Despite so large demand and popularity of these phones, nevertheless they have one weak side – a flex. It is mechanically movable part of such phones, therefore sooner or later can break. Screen incorrectly shows an image or not works, an interlocutor is badly heard, a phone is not included – reason of these damages is frayed through flex, therefore in such cases is needed a flex change.

  • How goes flex change?

  Flex change – it isn’t very difficult procedure, but requiring certain knowledge and skills. Therefore such procedure, as flex change is better to entrust to the specialists.

  Flex change takes place in a few stages.

  • Stage 1. Phone’s disassembling.

  Remove the back cover of the phone, the battery and SIM – card. Little screws that hold the back corps of telephone are untwisted. After it, it is possible to take off the back corps of mobile telephone.

  • Stage 2. System board extraction from the corps.

  Only when back of the phone is taken off, carefully put aside system board and a flex is pulling out of the socket or firstly flex is pulling out of the socket and then a system board is putting aside, it depend on phone’s type. This procedure is needed to extract a system board.

  • Stage 3. Phone’s two parts disconnection.

  A flex is also fastened on the front side of phone, therefore it is necessary to disconnect front and back part of phone. For tjis purpose it is necessary to untwist little screws that hold these two parts.

  • Stage 4. Flex change.

  When old defective flex will be extracted from the phone’s corps, it is possible to make a flex change: the new flex fastens instead of the old one.

  • Stage 5. Phone’s collection.

  System board must be placed back in a corps, attaching the flex of display to the board, two parts of phone must be united. After this procedure failing details are placed back to the corps: microphone, buttons and keyboard. Need to check the efficiency of new detail, before the phone will be gathered completely. To do this, the battery is connected to the system board and phone must be turned on. If the display correctly shows an image, if an interlocutor is distinctly heard, the flex change is correctly done. Only after careful verification it is possible to gather the phone. At the end of mobile phone’s repair it must be tested one more time. Only after complete inspection we can say confidently that the flex change has been completed successfully.