iPad repair

  Tablets became an inalienable part of any business man in latter days. As we know nothing is eternal. Whatever happened with your Tablet, MobileMonsters Service Center will always be pleased to offer you a high-quality and rapid Apple iPad, iPad 2, New iPad 3 repair.

Apple iPad repair

ipad repair

  We will repair Apple of any complexity level:

  • - Touch screen replacement
  • - Display replacement
  • - Replacement of the SIM card connector
  • - Replacement or repair of HOME button
  • - Replacement or repair of ON/OFF button
  • - Replacement of the system socket or the headphone socket
  • - Replacement of microphone
  • - Replacement of dynamics
  • - Replacement of camera
  • - Battery replacement
  • - Diagnostic and renewal after the hit of moisture and falling
  • - Updating or installation of the software

  Rich experience of our specialists in work with Apple products allows us to make repairs of Tablets responsibly, professionally and operatively.

  Our company is the supplier of details to the Latvian market that allows you to get direct guarantee from the supplier for repair parts and avoid extra charges on them. As s